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Jim Donnies carries and installs SnowEx Plows and Spreaders.

Supersize to a SnowEx! For maximum efficiency, each Power Plow Snowplow model can fully angle in the BucketBlade™ position. This scoop position is ideal for carrying large quantities of snow or when maneuvering around corners, congested parking lots, street curbs and sidewalks.

Wasting time chasing snow? Windrowing is the most efficient method of moving snow. The longer you can plow in the angled position, the quicker you'll complete the job. V-plows have no way of containing snow from spilling off the leading blade end. With each pass the operator is forced to use less of the moldboard width in order to keep snow from flowing off the end of the blade.

Earn your wings! The leading wing on the Power Plow Snowplow directs snow into the moldboard and eliminates spill-off. This position uses the entire blade width and increases productivity. Also, the trailing wing extends the clearing area of the plow beyond the truck tires – eliminating snow loss under the vehicle and effectively reducing windrow passes and cleanup time.

The Original Adjustable-Wing Snow Plow

At the touch of a button, the SnowEx POWER PLOW® snow plow hydraulically expands its moldboard width. Independently controlled wings transform to perfectly match every condition, delivering time-saving performance at every jobsite.

SPEEDWING Technology Thinks for Itself

SnowEx exclusive - SPEEDWING™ blade thinks for itself with wings that automatically angle forward or back, based on blade position, to maximize plowing efficiency. SnowEx SPEEDWING snow plow is the cost-effective multi-position snow plow that’s as easy to use as a straight blade.